Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh

Born: October 26, 1920 - Died: December 26, 2007

Mom died peacefully on Boxing Day, 2007. Her kids: Chalmers, Marylee, Andrew, Reid, and her sister Robin were visiting her along with Aaron, Anne and Chloe. Nicky and Jan arrived the next Day. Gail, Cornelius, Cadence, Forrester, Sage and Cyrus arrived Friday. We spread her ashes on the land on Saturday and held a service on Sunday. Thank you for your interest.
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Program for a Celebration of Nancy and paginated. Eulogies: Nona Fancy Nancy

Pictures used at the Celebration, Art used at the Celebration

Gail's Pictures from Friday and Sunday with the Hexagon,
Forrester's Pictures from Friday and Saturday,
Scattering Ashes on the Land (Gail),
Forrester's Pictures from Sunday,
The SkyBox is Quiet (Gail) Panorama View from the SkyBox, NCH Photo Album



Other pictures from the Fall of 2007, Opera, Hardly Lakes Photo Albums, Collis and Nancy, Husband: Collis Morgan Hardenbergh

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The pages you see here were assembled for Nancy's 80th birthday in 2000, aka NonaFest

NCH timeline

Chop's Pix especially prepared for the occasion.
YON's Mom, another collection for the occasion.
Some more pictures of NCH, Young Nancy, and some Art
In 1998 Nancy left the house she and Collis built in 1947. The kids had a "house cooling" party.
Nash Family Ancestors

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