Chop's Picture's of Nona

In preparation for Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh's 80th birthday, some of the little elves gathered some pictures. These are from Chalmers with comments.
June 1959, I think. Mom holding Gramps and Granny anniversary album box. ‘Another Hardenbergh Hand (not i!)crafts item. Nice legs! Alice Hardenbergh Clark opposite Mom, Maisy behind, Nicky looking at a memorial photo. Chop has the globe to the right, Mary Lee the portrait, left
June 1958. Nona with Jan in front of Canadian Parliament building. She was adventurous enough to take us across Canada rather than the boring Chicago route. 
Saturday 93.I.2, Frog Haven. Chloe at two weeks. 
April 1967. Hardly Lakes, the little causeway. Mom with kids, looking at the land. Mary Lee a Drew Barrymore. 
Christmas 1967. The classic bed photo. Dad in Pjs and blue-jean jacket. Mom under covers. Dad probably sleeping elsewhere by this time (a la Margaret and Chop) 
1962? Sitting cross-legged on PT court having a smoke. Looking happy. (Court built in 196?)
September 1971, Chop to enter law school. "The last time we are all together." Mom looking happy, lion for Shep Jones, Terry Chalmers Barrett Gay, Roger Gay, Chop, Granma. Front stoop, Wyndwold. 
Probably Xmas 1954? Mom enjoying the time with her inlaws, did well with most of them. Esty(?), ML, Gramps, Aunt Agnes (?), Choopie, Charlie, Granma, Granny, ? ,Nona, Nicky, Aunt Bessie. Love that dress! 
December 1967. The Xmas dinner at Hardly Lakes, to help Gramps and Granny. Mom worked very hard to get these meals done, and did a great job (at least I don't recall any gnashing of teeth). Gramps, David Nichols, Robin back to camera, Mom, Granny, Aunt Bessie 
Christmas 1967. Happy looking Reid, Mom unhappy with some dis-ease. Myxedema (sp?)