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The SkyBox is Quiet

Pictures taken by Gail the day after the Celebration of Mom's Life
image momsbed.jpg
Cap: momsbed.jpg
image bedside.jpg
Cap: bedside.jpg
image corner.jpg
Cap: corner.jpg
image wall1.jpg
Cap: wall1.jpg
image momsbureau.jpg
Cap: momsbureau.jpg
image closet.jpg
Cap: closet.jpg
image closet2.jpg
Cap: closet2.jpg
image windowledge.jpg
Cap: windowledge.jpg
image skater.jpg
Cap: skater.jpg
image couch.jpg
Cap: couch.jpg
image puter.jpg
Cap: puter.jpg
image gophers.jpg
Cap: gophers.jpg
image desk.jpg
Cap: desk.jpg
image betting1.jpg
Cap: betting1.jpg
image bettings2.jpg
Cap: bettings2.jpg
image mantle.jpg
Cap: mantle.jpg
image books.jpg
Cap: books.jpg
image books2.jpg
Cap: books2.jpg
image livingroom3.jpg
Cap: livingroom3.jpg
image corner3.jpg
Cap: corner3.jpg
image xmaschild.jpg
Cap: xmaschild.jpg
image livingroom.jpg
Cap: livingroom.jpg
image inkswirl.jpg
Cap: inkswirl.jpg
image livingroom2.jpg
Cap: livingroom2.jpg
image salemdesk.jpg
Cap: salemdesk.jpg
image bench.jpg
Cap: bench.jpg
image corner2.jjpg.JPG
Cap: corner2.jpg
image clock.jpg
Cap: clock.jpg
image pair.jpg
Cap: pair.jpg
image memcover.jpg
Cap: memcover.jpg
image church.jpg
Cap: church.jpg
image dining.jpg
Cap: dining.jpg
image rooster.jpg
Cap: rooster.jpg
image kitchen.jpg
Cap: kitchen.jpg
image kitchen2.jpg
Cap: kitchen2.jpg
image silverware.jpg
Cap: silverware.jpg
image umbrella.jpg
Cap: umbrella.jpg
image wreath.jpg
Cap: wreath.jpg
image memorial.jpg
Cap: memorial.jpg Thu, 03 Jan 2008 15:48:17 +0000