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Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh

YON's mom, photographs by Gail.
My mom with her two surviving sisters, Kathleen on the left and Robin on the right. Terry died in 1974.
The Grahhnd Dahhm at Concordia hut
The day before my wedding: HRH, ACH, Maisie Dethier, Robin, Gail, me, CMH4, FHC, KCN, Nancy (aka mom), Garrick, MLH, NNH, Sage, Esty.
The stocking were hung with great care. This is the purest joy my mom gave to me: Waking on Christmas was the most magical moment. Marching in and seeing the stockings and the cornucopia of little presents, each wrapped with love.
Mom during the stocking craze
Grandchild number 3. Cornelius with mom in August of 1983.
La Grahnd Dahm in 1991 with her earrings made of notes. What were some of the other things made from notes? The tissue box, a sculpture, ... and the annual note books
Cadence's christening (notice the halo around the grandmother) Margaret Kimball, Chop, Cornelius, Gail, Mary Lee, Cadence, Robin, Reid, Kathleen, Deborah Pope-Lance, Andrew. 
In her element with Cornelius and Cadence.
Wayzata kitchen - the large lid, light bulbs, clock, the Minnesota territory - small spaces discipline the mind.
Mom was always extremely supportive of any artistic endeavors. Here is one of her later works, dating in the 80's?
Mom in the power chair in Quogue, well Qiuogue, actually, just like Wayzata is really Plymouth.
One of the Annual corn pictures, come to Sudbury to see the complete set.
Last, but certainly not least, my mom is a baseball nut.