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NonaFest CD

image q03nch.jpg Nancy Chalmers Hardenbergh on basketball (Quicktime) & peaches

NCH timeline

Chop's Pix especially prepared for the occasion.
YON's Mom, another collection for the occasion.
Some picture's of her husband, Collis
A collage Nancy made for Jan.
Some more pictures of NCH, Young Nancy, and some Art
In 1998 Nancy left the house she and Collis built in 1947. The kids had a "house cooling" party.
Mary Lee's story ala Nicky. reekie. A few last minute items. And Other/Timline pictures <> Nona's grandchildren

Thurs 5PM gather at Nona's be at Nicollet Island Inn sitting down at 5:30.
Thurs 7:18 Central. Game 5.
Fri 10AM Quogue meeting
Fri 3:30 decide where party is and prepare/shop, etc.
Sat 11 AM leave for Land visit
Sat PM have other Quogue meeting?
Sat 7PM Central Game 6 -  pizza & video if series is over.
Sun bagels & coffee & newspapers

14-OCT-2000 (edited to be just Nonafest Feb 2001) jch

This was the main page of my first picture CD for Nancy's 80th birthday, Nonafest. A year later the same content became jch_45rpm

Nash Family Ancestors