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My Dad, Collis Hardenbergh, CMH3

This page is my father as I see him looking back. See also Collis's memorial page and Collis the person from a more objective point of view.

Collis loved kites.
This image reminds me of the few times I've seen him with an unambiguous joy that wanted to share.

This picture also portrays the heroic aspect of one's father.

rowing Collis Rowing - perhaps on lake Calhoun?. Dad "rowed" crew at Harvard (as the coxswain) and could really make our old tub of a handmade rowboat fly. The old rowboat was never the same after the twister in '64 tossed it around.
playpt Paddle Tennis. Always competitive. The court was built in 1961 - first court west of the Mississippi. Home of the NWPPTA, the name later lifted by "them".
Collis and Nancy with little Jan
Great image of Collis. He loved golf, but, more importantly, he loved to say "Write down!". Of course the second most popular saying was "Look it up!".

I gotta find a picture of him at a dictionary. If you look at the stack of books to the left of the globe below you will see the stack of atlases.

Comfortable in the ocean.

Dad was a great athlete - able to keep up with his obsessive teen boys on the PT court.

Dad was a hutboy at Madison Hut (cached) and Lakes of the Clouds (cached)

cmh3desk The desk. (fullsize)

After being a dad, he was first and foremost an architect. Here is his desk with all of the familiar trappings.

Humphrey & Hardenbergh in the U archives. (cached)
He did like drink.

Created 23-APR-2001