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Collis Morgan Hardenbergh

May 21, 1912 - April 23, 1978

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image cpipe2.jpg
Hamming it up in Munich, 1933
image cmh3fon.jpg
Jeans jacket; Dictionary; Pella windows...
image collis18.jpg
Collis at 18(fullsize)
image cmh3kc28.jpg
Cap: cmh3kc28.jpg
image dadkite2.jpg
image dadkite1.jpg

best kite shot
image dadnews.jpg
Cap: dadnews.jpg
image slfprt32.jpg
Cap: slfprt32.jpg
image c3oct36.jpg
Cap: c3oct36.jpg
image c3siblng.jpg
Cap: c3siblng.jpg
image cmh3pipe.jpg
Cap: cmh3pipe.jpg
image kansascd.jpg
Cap: kansascd.jpg
image honeym44.jpg
Cap: honeym44.jpg
image lttr2rnc.jpg
Cap: lttr2rnc.jpg
image cmh3dsks.jpg
Cap: cmh3dsks.jpg
image divwave.jpg
Cap: divwave.jpg
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Cap: qmlhrh71.jpg
image coll760a.jpg
Cap: coll760a.jpg
image coll760b.jpg
Cap: coll760b.jpg
image coll760c.jpg
Cap: coll760c.jpg
image c3Silhoutte1925.jpg
Cap: c3Silhoutte1925.jpg
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Cap: mailbox.jpg

Records from Humphrey & Hardenbergh: (cached)

Letter written to all at Wyndwold July 1960 Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Letters transcribed by Chalmers:
ltr1930-01-06_006.pdf <> ltr1930-07-07_005.pdf <> ltr1930-10-23_004.pdf <> ltr1930-11-02_009.pdf <> ltr1930-11-11_008.pdf <> ltr1931-01-28_010.pdf <> ltr1931-01-28_010b.pdf <> ltr1931-02-14_011.pdf <> ltr1931-03-20_012.pdf <> ltr1931-03-31_013.pdf <> ltr1931-04-21_014.pdf <> ltr1931-05-09_015.pdf <> ltr1931-05-20_007.pdf <> ltr1931-06-12_001.pdf <> ltr1931-10-27_002.pdf <> ltr1931-11-09_016.pdf <> ltr1931-11-13_017.pdf <> ltr1931-11-24_018.pdf <> ltr1931-11-25_019.pdf <> ltr1932-01-11_003.pdf <> ltr1932-03-03_020.pdf

Andrew's essay on Collis, the Arhitect

Update 2012.04.23 or as Collis would have written 23-APR-12