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Breck Chapel

image brkchap1.jpg
Cap: brkchap1.jpg
image BreckChapel4k.jpg
Cap: BreckChapel4k.jpg
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Cap: brkchap3.jpg
image brkchap2.jpg
Cap: brkchap2.jpg
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Cap: cogdiv.jpg

The Breck Chapel burned down about a year after Dad died. Martin Vinik said: "I guess you can take it with you."


Rhomboid - a problem to occupy Collis while work was slow.
Affectionately known as the Magnificent Obsession.
(Also, dome below)

Given an angle and two diagonals, construct a rhomboid - not by trial and error.

A rhomboid is a parallelogram in which the adjacent sides are unequal.

More images of the "Magnificent Obsession"
A poster created by Nicky showing many of the workiing documents, including the back of a popcorn box.
Extra large version
A working drawing that gives a little insight into how he solved it. The same solution as above with out white out. This is dated 7-25-70. The earliest date is 1-10-70 claiming he had been working on it for 13 days.
Build a dome out of sheets of plywood all the same size. Fill the hexagons, not the pentagons.
This is a model displayed using OpenGL. Source code here in things.
picture from PT court
Dome in background