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Collis's Final Journey

Dad died in the Beverly hospital after visiting Boston for about a week. Here is part of the story.


We put together a service to commemorate his life. Everyone did part of it. Reid and I did the cover art. Andrew did this drawing encompassing so much of Dad. We had planned to go out on a boat, but, when the day came the wind was so strong and the sea rough that we settled for the point in Rockport.
Favorite hymns and words. Dad would have loved it.
Harvard never did stop asking for money. Collis waving goodbye from his lighthouse.
This plaque was put up in the Breck Chapel after he died. We had a very nice memorial service there. It burnt down about a year after he died, prompting Martin Vinik to say "I guess you can take it with you." It is now at Hardly Lakes. Spreading Dad's ashes on Spirit Island. We also spread them at Rockport, Concordia Hut, and Quogue.

He always said "This is the last time we'll all be together" and one time he was right. That would have been Granny's funeral. Perhaps the only time all 14 cousins have been together. Speaking of cousins, here is Sheppy's account of the Wake in the Breck Chapel: page1, p2, p3, note.

Also, on her page - Mary Lee's written account of that week. And an obit