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Sudbury from Henry F. Walling's Map of Middlesex County, 1856

Henry F. Walling's Map of Middlesex County, 1856. This is a 5x5 foot map assembled from 24(?) pieces printed separately and assembled. This has great detail, but Sudbury is right in the middle and therefore has 4 different maps that never meet properly, altho the BPL version seems best.

Henry F. Walling and the Mapping of New England’s Towns, 1849–1857 By Michael Buehler (PDF)
from The Journal of the Washington Map Society, Issue 71 Spring 2008
"Henry Walling (1825–1888) was arguably the most accomplished..."

TWO links: My Oddessey leading to the creation of the 2012 Sudbury 1856 Walling image.

Here are the copies of the Map I know about and the date I photographed them. More details on the Oddessey page.

image Walling1856Sudbury0x2400.jpg
Sudbury 1856 Walling
Final Version, January 2012
image WallingLeventhalAtBPL.jpg
Walling 1856 at Leventhal Map Center
at the Boston Public Library
image WallingGoodnow2011x6000.jpg
Walling 1856 at Goodnow Library
photographed November 2011
image SudburyTownHallWalling1856t.jpg
Walling 1856 at Sudbury Town Hall
photographed July 2011
Walling 1856 during assembly
#1 Watertown Free Public Library
photographed December 2010
image Walling1856WholeSmall.jpg
First I got it from Bearly Read Books
Image from Harvard Map Collection


Lots of pieces of the map from old-maps.com.

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