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Sudbury Town Center Timeline

I moved to town in 1984 and thought the intersection was crazy then. I first heard about efforts to fix the intersection a few years after I joined First Parish. It was probably in the early 1990's. I have an unconfirmed note that the process started in 1976. In 1999, there was an exploratory team established and some meetings between people from First Parish, the Sudbury Foundation, the Town and some consultants. This timeline starts with the formation of SCIAC in 2005.


2005.08.16 SCIAC was formed by the Board of Selectmen

It is the intention of the Selectmen in creating this Committee to provide a mechanism for the Board to be advised on plans to upgrade/restore/improve the functionality of the historic town centre.
See the full and Mission Statement and SCIAC Web Page

SCIAC got proposals for a design group to do the initial designs. They hired the Cecil Group.

2006.05.31 Cecil Visioning Workshop

Summary of Community Goals from the Final Report page 17:
- Preserve and protect historic, cultural and natural resources in the center.
- Improve safety and accessibility for all those that use Sudbury Center.
- Improve traffic flow, but not traffic speed, through the center.
- Protect the existing scale and visual character of the center.
- Establish a clear sense of the town center as a civic location.

2006.11.01 Cecil Group presents 3 plans

Cecil Group Design Alternatives - featuring Overhead Mast Arms!!!

image OverheadMastArmsNorth.jpg
Cap: OverheadMastArmsNorth.jpg
image OverheadMastArmsSouth.jpg
Cap: OverheadMastArmsSouth.jpg

2006.12.12 First Parish - Hybrid Plan


2005.08.16 SCIAC formed by the BofS
2006.05.31 Cecil Visioning Workshop
2006.11.01 Cecil Group presents 3 plans
2006.12.12 First Parish - Hybrid Plan
2007.01.27 First Parish SCM, NO RTL.
2007.04.04 Town Meeting - 2 items
2008.03.08 SCIAC Final Report
2010.03.22 WorldTech - Alt 1 & Offset T
2010.06.01 Open Forum at BoS Meeting
2011.04.21 WorldTech - Alternative 6
2011.08.18 WorldTech - Roadway Align #1
2012.05.04 WorthTech - current plan.
2012.05.04 Town Meeting - indef pp.
2013.05.04 Town Meeting...
2014-10-XX Construction starts
2015-12-XX Construction completed
Author: YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh
Citizen of Sudbury
Member of First Parish of Sudbury, UU
served on FPS Town Center team
More on YON

2007.01.27 First Parish Special Congregational Meeting

First Parish is a major stakeholder in this Town Center because they own both sides of Concord Road Southbound. Summary was sent to the Town
Willing to work with Town
encourage survey
NO Right Turn Lane!

2007.04.04 Town Meeting - 2 items

- Override Capital Budget include $70,000 to advance project to improve traffic safety at Town Center
- CPC funding for

2008.03.08 SCIAC Final Report

SCIAC's Final Report
March 2008 SCIAC produced their final report. It is 63 pages and discusses History, Accident Data, Problems and Design Alternatives.

For more information on SCIAC see the SCIAC Web Page.

2009/2010 - Selection of WorldTech Engineering selected.

2010.03.22 New Traffic Counts.

2010.06.01 Open Forum on Town Center Project

This public discussion

at the Board of Selectman's Meeting of June 1, 2010 refocussed the design effort. (full minutes) Summary:

Chairman Drobinski summarized tonight’s feedback as reinforcing that the character of the Town Center is a priority and that a minimalist approach is preferred. He also stated that the feedback indicates that the Offset Tee Intersection proposal should be dismissed. Chairman Drobinski thanked the citizens for their interest and suggestions, and he concluded the discussion.

Timeline of Plans

2006.11.06 Cecil Group   - Alignment Option A – Simplified Approach
2006.11.06 Cecil Group   - Alignment Option B – Significant Approach
2006.11.06 Cecil Group   - Alignment Option B – Significant Approach with Hosmer House moved
2006.11.06 Cecil Group   - Alignment Option B1- Attached Town Common Island
2006.12.12 First Parish  - Hybrid Plan of Cecil A & B
2010.03.22 WorldTech Eng - Alternative 2 - Similar to Cecil Group – Significant Approach
2010.03.22 WorldTech Eng - Alternative 4, aka Offset T approach.
2010.07.20 WorldTech Eng - Alternative 6 - Similar to Cecil Group A
2011.08.18 WorldTech Eng - Roadway Alignment Plan
2012.05.04 WorthTech Eng - current plan, initially presented at Town Meeting 2012.
2014-10-XX Construction starts
2015-12-XX Construction completed

Other plans that were considered, at least breifly.
WorldTech Alternatives 2,3,5
Scissors - push Concord Road Southbound further into Common
Traffic Circle -
Move Hosmer House
Route Southbound Concord behind Hosmer House.

County layouts for Concord Road (1913) and Old Sudbury (1931) & 1962 Master Plan

image TC1913layout.png
TC1913layout.png - 7783x6910
image TC1931layout.png
TC1931layout.png - 6483x6837
image TownCenter1962masterPlane.png
TownCenter1962masterPlane.png - 2346x1661
image Circulation1962.png
Circulation1962.png - 2488x3237

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