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Photos and Panoramas for Sudbury Town Center Project

Town Center of Sudbury, MA 01776 . This town center is much the way it was many, many years ago. Town Meeting voted to survey the Town Center and create plans to improve the safety and historic character of the intersection. Raw photos were taken Sunday, October 8th 2006. Created by YON
image panFromHosmer.jpg
From Hosmer House

  image fpstcpan9s.jpg
North Corner of Triangle - VERY LARGE IMAGE!
image fromCurb.jpg
Cap: fromCurb.jpg
image fromPark.jpg
Cap: fromPark.jpg
image fromPark.jpg
Cap: fromTriangle.jpg
image fromWest.jpg
Cap: fromWest.jpg
image DSCN1370.jpg
Cap: DSCN1370.jpg
image DSCN1370.jpg
Cap: DSCN1382.jpg

low-res pans

image fpstcpan2b.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan2b.jpg
image fpstcpan3c.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan3c.jpg
image fpstcpan5.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan5.jpg
image fpstcpan6.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan6.jpg
image fpstcpan7.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan7.jpg
image fpstcpan8.jpg
Cap: fpstcpan8.jpg

The town common belongs to First Parish of Sudbury, as the Parish kept it when the Church & State split, or in this case Parish and Town separated in 1836. Ownership was confirmed in the case of THE INHABITANTS OF THE FIRST PARISH IN SUDBURY v. SAMUEL A. JONES & others.Mass. 1851.

360 Degree Panoramas: Sudbury Town Center - panoramas created with PTGui Mon, 09 Oct 2006 00:23:54 +0000 YON