Town Center Visualization March 2014

Update to Town Meeting Vantage Point

For the Town Meeting Visualization, the visualization was focussed on pedestrian safety - short URL:

Click on each image to get a higher resolution image. To compare two images, use "control click" to "Open in a New tab" - then flip between the two tabs in your browser.

image VizBbefore1600.jpg
From Grinnell - Existing
image VizBafter4b1600.jpg
From Grinnell - Last Year's plan
image VizBafter4bMast1600.jpg
From Grinnell - fewer traffic poles
image VizGrinnellExisting.jpg
From Grinnell - Existing (VR)
image VizGrinnellNew.jpg
From Grinnell - Last Year (VR)
image VizGrinnellMast.jpg
From Grinnell - with Mast Arm (VR)

View from South Concord Road

image VizSConcordExisting.jpg
South Concord Existing (VR)
image VizSConcordNew.jpg
South Concord Last Year (VR)
image VizSConcordMast.jpg
South Concord Mast (VR) NewPlanA0401.jpg

YON 2014.03.03