Some Large Images - panoramas

Panoramas are large images. They now have their own page. But, here is Tippling Rock (24Kx3K). Info: Tippling Rock Hiking

1930 Bay Circuit Map (7.5Kx10.6K). More info Bay Circuit Map from 1930

Old family photos

More info on these at Old Wayzata photos

The Mary Lee, Charles Morgan Hardenbergh's prize boat.
Old Family photo from Wayzata
Steamboat on Lake Minnetonka coming in to Wayzata (3360x2271)
The Peirce Nichols Family Reunion, 1967 <> Gathering to celebrate the publication of _Witch's Breed; The Peirce-Nichols Family of Salem_ by Susan Nichols Pulsifer; Chapman & Grimes, Cambridge, MA. Why Witch's Breed?. See also: Peirce Nichols House. Reunion Attendees

Volume Rendering images

More info at YON's Volume Rendering Page

fRMI Visualization poster at SIGGRAPH 2004 (12Kx8K)
DTI and fMRI poster at Vis05 (12Kx8K)
VolumePro1000 image (5.4Kx3K)

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