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Wayzata Photo Collection

These belonged to Aunt Agnes, and Collis brought the to Hardly Lakes when Blythewood burned. They went to Quogue in 1998. They were starting to get moldy in Quogue so Reid gave them to me. I want to scan them all in, so, I brought them to Sudbury in August of 2002.

Here is what the collection contains: Mary Lee sailboat

The oldest Album. Starts in 1886. Some of the pictures were featured in the Wayzata Historical Society newsletter - including the Mary Lee and other hi-res images

More details on Album #1: The book has 46 black constructions paper pages, they are 10x7. There are well over 300 pictures. Most pages have two photos per each side, some have 8 on each side. Occasionally there is a single larger photo - the steamboats is one of the few examples.

There are two Hallowell photo albums. One starts in 1895 and the other in 1901. There are also three portraits of "Pen" in deteriorating frames. The albums have better captions - more info.

There are two photo albums similar to Album #1. One is labeled Cog and the other seems seems to be very similar. At first I thought it was the Alice version of the Cog book, but, there are many pictures of the siblings mixed together. Let's call those Album #2 & Cog.

Another album is a bit bigger with more even layout of more uniform sized pictures. It's from 1925 to 1934. Lots of travel pictures. (The 1925 Album)

The 1920's album has more of a youthful feel to it. It has a slightly flimsier cover. There is photo of a boat called the Maisie.

There are 20 something pictures all 3x4.5 with 1/2 in Intervale in the 1930s with HPN & Lincoln & Gramps and the others at XMAS at 66 - similar to an old favorite of Mary Lee's But the wall paper is different.

There are 30-50 hard card photography studio portraits. Most are identified - Gramp's generation with some variety.

There were a few other miscellaneous photos and Ernest Hardenbergh's scrap book. Nicky has the scrap book as of March 2003.

I believe they should end up in Intervale. The Wayzata Historical Society would very much like to copy the 1886 book and perhaps others. I'm not willing to do that until I have reasonable high rez scans of the important pictures. I'd like to have a lot of this stuff scanned in and the hilites on the web.

One near goal is to identify the people in the earliest family photos - the canoe & the porch shot in the middle of the web page.

Portrait Cards from the 1800's,
The Oldest Wayzata Album (#1),
Album1 pages,
Mary Lee and other hi-res images

From: YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh 
To: cousins
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002 8:20 AM
Subject: Old Photo Albums from Wayzata

Anyway, I just finished this top level catalog. I'm off to Quogue
(another unearthed photo album has Maisie of the porch in Quogue in
1944?45?) My plan is to fairly aggressively get the "important" pictures
from these albums scanned in. I have no expectations for how long that
will take at this point.
Let me know what you think.

YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh - Voxel Liberator
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