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Bay Circuit Map from 1930

I found this map in Bearly Read Books in Sudbury, MA.
Bay Circuit Trail 2008

The map is 25"x35" and printed on a fine bonded paper.
Above: the logo and return address from the envelope.
Right: a photo of the map with a ruler and news paper to give scale.

Bay Circuit Map
Bay Circuit Map

Bay Circuit Map 1930
Bay Circuit Trail 2008

Bay Circuit Trail 2008

Bay Circuit Trail - baycircuit.org This is a trail that circles Boston. Check it out! They have a nice page on Tippling Rock and Nobscot as one of the "jewels" along the trail. I can attest to there claim that in the late summer, people are occasionally allowed up in the fire tower on Nobscot, although, it was quite a few years ago when I did it. See: All maps of different sections of the Bay Circuit Trail

Also in sizes: small 707x1000, 1800x1746 (72 dpi), 3000x4244 (120 dpi), 7500x10611 (300 dpi). I have it at 600 dpi, too. Let me know if you are interested.

Finished scanning and stitching, 2008.12.29 YON

Trustees Logo
From: Bill Stanton
Date: December 30, 2008 2:47:42 PM EST
To: "jch@jch.com"
Subject: Bay Circuit Map

Mr. Hardenbergh,

Thank you for contacting The Trustees of Reservations concerning the Bay Circuit map. The map was created by Charles Eliot II, nephew of our founder. The original map hangs in our Doyle Conservation Center in Leominster. I invite you to visit our state of the art "green" building and see the original plan. It is truly a visionary effort that survived the Great Depression, World War II and years of indifference. I am sure you are aware that today 152 miles of trail have been established with another 48 miles needed to complete the trail. You should also know that the Bay Circuit Alliance and The Trustees of Reservations are joining forces to ensure the sustainability of the Alliance for years to come.

Thank you again for your interest in the Bay Circuit and The Trustees. Should you want to learn more about The Trustees and become a member please visit www.thetrustees.org.

Happy new year

Bill Stanton

William E. Stanton
Director of Special Projects

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