First Parish of Sudbury History Resource Page

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Church & State in Sudbury

Church and State, 01776 Timeline <> Korsman, HDS 2005 email
image FPSc1900sWithTownHallx1000.jpg
Circa 1900 with Town "House" on right.
Sudbury Historical Society Collection (HiRes)
image FPSwithNoTrees1200.jpg
Provenance Unknown (HiRes)
image FPSc1900sFromWest1200.jpg
Circa 1930s from the West
Wayside Inn Archives (HiRes)
image FPSwithSleigh.jpg
Iconic FIrst Parish Rescanned in 2017
image TownCenterIn1889fromHudson1600.jpg
Cap: TownCenterIn1889fromHudson1600.jpg
image Kowalski First Parish Of Sudbury 2012
Painting by Rev. Gary Kowalski
Interim Minister 2011-2012
image MHPCart2013.png
Cap: MHPCart2013.png
image MHPCart2013small.jpg
Cap: MHPCart2013small.jpg
image DancingMaster1728.jpg
Dancing Master 1728 used
for English Country Dancing
image fpslogo2015b3600x900.png
fpslogo2015b3600x900.png Post-It

image FPSlogosTest.png
Cap: FPSlogosTest.png

FPS Logo 2015a in SVG, 2015a in PDF
Logo from 2003+/-?

1640Covenant.pdf                      1640Covenant.rtf                   tipplingchurchoct08.jpg
HistoryFrom1986Packet.pdf             HistoryFrom1986Packet.rtf
HistoryFrom1996Packet.pdf             HistoryFrom1996Packet.rtf
NewMeetingHouse.rtf                   NewMeetingHouse_Hudson_p431.pdf
ScovelFPSbecameUnitarian.pdf          FPSHistoryFromCR_Packet.pdf
Old Sudbury Maps
image GinnySnowSteeple.jpg
Cap: GinnySnowSteeple.jpg
image SnowExitsFPS.jpg
Cap: SnowExitsFPS.jpg

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