Panorama Page - done!!! 5-NOV-2005

Everyone at Gustafson Ogren Reunion
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Not quite as easy to do people as landscapes. This image serves the purpose of stirring memories. I will try printing it and see what happens. Sorry it took so long - YON - Jan C Hardenbergh

the 1800x283 216 KB version.

the 3820x600 608 KB version.

the 7200x1131 6.7 MB version.

the 9774x1536 11.4 MB version.

Panorama Page - phase 2

Everyone is the right size and in just about the right place. There is no hope of making the backgrounds line up, so, I either need to leave it fairly obvious, or do a lot of work to make it look like we all fit on the wall. Also, one things are in reasonable shape, I need to mesh the edges so it looks like one image.

image fpspan0s.jpg
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Larger version 4000x649 pixels - 672KB. The original is about 10Kx1600.


This is just the prototype - I needs to get folks the right size and mesh them better.

In the meantime, if folks want to put other images up here, send me a note.

image fpspan0s.jpg
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