Starting images for Gustafson Panorama

These images are the best I had to choose form. I think they will make a fine parorama in which we can see everyone. In retrospect, we should have had three organizers. One to steer the people, one to steer the photographer and one to take pictures.

These are large images - 2MB+ per picture. They are only here temporarily. The images are links to the larger photos.

image DSC00220.JPG
Cap: DSC00220.JPG
image DSC00222.JPG
Cap: DSC00222.JPG
image DSC00225.JPG
Cap: DSC00225.JPG
image DSC00229.JPG
Cap: DSC00229.JPG
image DSC00230.JPG
Cap: DSC00230.JPG
image DSC00234.JPG
Cap: DSC00234.JPG
image DSC00237.JPG
Cap: DSC00237.JPG
image DSC00239.JPG
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