China 2010

Cadence studied Chinese in Beijing all spring. I met up with her at the end. We did all manner of tourist things for 5 days. Then we were off to Nanjing by train for 2 days. We then met Gail in Shanghai for another 5 days.
China 中国 Beijing 北京 Chaoyang 朝阳区 Nanjing 南京 Shanghai 上海 Liu 刘 ke-ting 可婷

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image MaoAndMe.jpg
Chairman Mao & me
image tkcjBeijing.jpg
We met ThaiKer for dinner on Friday
image cah798.jpg
Cafe in the 798 Art District
image cahMutanyu.jpg
slice of the Mutanyu Panorama. see China Pans
image jchMutanyu.jpg
I made it to the Great Wall!!!
image mutanyuSat.png
Satellite Image on iPhone
image ChaoYang.jpg
Cap: ChaoYang.jpg
image ChaoYangMap.png
Chao Yang District
image PantsAndBurned.jpg
CCTV "Pants" building
and burned out building.
image teach.jpg
image bargain.jpg
Fluent in Chinese and human, Cadence
drove a hard bargain at the Silk Market
image stoneShip.jpg
Stone Ship at Summer Palace
image BronzeBeijing1949.jpg
Bronze Relief map of Beijing in 1949
image BeijingWallAndMe,jpg.JPG
The Beijing Wall And Me
image NanjingTemple.jpg
Cap: NanjingTemple.jpg
image NanjingTrain.jpg
Cap: NanjingTrain.jpg
image NanjingWallModel.jpg
Cap: NanjingWallModel.jpg
image ChinaPavillion.jpg
China Pavilion at Expo
image Haibo2010.jpg
Haibo 2010, mascot of Expo
image flicka.jpg
Swedish Pavilion at Expo
Cadence's friend gave us a tour
image usInShangHai.jpg
Dinner In ShangHai
image GirlsHeadingOut.jpg
Girls Heading Out
image MirrorYuYuan.jpg
Mirror in YuYuan Gardens
image OracleBone.jpg
6000 year old Oracle Bone Script
image PearlSandals.jpg
Standing on plexiglass floor of Pearl Tower
image ShangHaiWall.jpg
ShangHai City Wall - kept out pirates
image tkcahBeijing.jpg
Cap: tkcahBeijing.jpg
image BeijingWall2.jpg
Dongbianmen, men = Gate
image YuYuanDragon.jpg
Cap: YuYuanDragon.jpg
image JiuquBridge.jpg
Cap: JiuquBridge.jpg
image foodStreet.jpg
Food Street in Nanjing (or Vegas?)
image GreatWallPhotoOp.jpg
Everywhere we went,
people asked to have a
photo taken with Cadence. Thu, 01 Jul 2010 00:11:47 +0000 YON