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Cornelius's Graduation

We drove down on Saturday morning, the three of us: Gail, Jan & Cadence. Irie was in the "dog hotel", or vet boards dogs.

When we arrived, we went out to lunch with Cornelius to Mystic Market, a neat little sandwich / deli / gourmet place that is worth the trip. Then we dropped of Cornelius and went to check in at the Relax Inn, right around the corner. Back to Conn for the Baccalaureate, at which Carolyn P. did the invocation. I great talk by Dr. Vogel philosopher of Conn. Then off to dinner at the Singapore Grill, a little pricey, but, if you want a nice dinner -sushi and Asian fusion - in New London, the best place for me & Cornelius.

The we got a little downtime before the family Gala, where we met many, many of Cornelius's friends. And we had a bit of mass produced bubbly that was marginally drinkable, but, we did have a [small c] hampagne toast.
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We gave him a Wild #3 jersey for his 22nd birthday.
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Classes of 2007: Conn & LS
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The next morning was drizzly, then while we have breakfast at the Gridlock Grill, the sun poked thru. We were early enough to secure good seats in the soccer field, And the rain held off until the second speaker. It sprinkled for about 1/2 hour, enough for umbrellas to come out, but, not enough to stop things. Robert Ballard gave the commencement address, with some interesting things to say, but, he could quite decide whether a 30,000 ft mountain was harder or easier to climb that a 1000 ft mountain.

Anyway, the the commencement commenced. The sun came out and eventually the name of Cornelius Morgan Hardenbergh was read out over the field to a great number of cheers. So, Cornelius graduated on Mary Lee's birthday, 20-MAY-2007.
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Two Friends, Tim & Dan came up from New York to see Cornelius and other cohorts graduate.
image timAndCMH5.jpg
Tim, from Maine, who had the ridiculous screen!
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David Kim, Cornelius's advisor was very wonderful and gave Cornelius a copy of Howard Zinn's _(some commy book :-)__ with some kind words inscribed.
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Carolyn Patierno, the UU minister in New London and a campus chaplain had wonderful things to say about Cornelius. That was wonderful to meet her. Also pictured is Georgina.
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There was an official lunch, but Cornelius and some friends had rented "the pit" and we had a wonderful party - which was great and attended by Carolyn P. and some other staff who were very glad to share the moment with Cornelius.
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As a footnote, I saw Bill Buttenweiser for the first time in ages. His daughter was also graduating.

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