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Nichols Family

Various Tidbits. The Nichols Family Of Salem by Larry Nichols, a year before Susan Pulsifer's book: Witch's Breed.

image alicshep.jpg
Alice Marta Shepley
Archive Image available
Genealogy: local web
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Harry Peirce Nichols
Genealogy: local web
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Nichols reunion 1967. largeattendees
Susan Pulsifer's book
image AmeliaAinsworth.jpg
Amelia Anne Ainsworth Notes
image CharlesSNichols.jpg
Cap: CharlesSNichols.jpg
image GrandmaAinsworth.jpg
Cap: GrandmaAinsworth.jpg
image geoncyng.jpg
George Nichols, Salem Ship Captain
image geonich1.jpg
In 1862 with wife, Sarah Pierce hi-res
A Salem Shipmaster And Merchant:
The Autobiography Of George Nichols
image BenjPeirce.jpg
Cap: BenjPeirce.jpg
image calvains.jpg
Cool tintype of Calvin Ainsworth
Stone with inscription
Susannah North Martin WikiPedia
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Cap: pnhouse1.jpg
image pnhouse2.jpg
Cap: pnhouse2.jpg

Also,   Countess Beatrice Weds <> GreatUncleShepleyForward.doc <> GreatUncleShepley.doc

gzipped GED file from Nichols Farquar, and Baxter, Harvey, and Willey genealogy files.
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