Cadence graduates from Williams, June 5, 2011

Cornelius with camera.
image Crutchnup.jpg
Cadence crutches up stairs
as Dean Bolton looks on.
image IMG_1221.JPG
Getting Diploma
image IMG_1225.JPG
Down the stairs
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image IMG_1234.JPG
Check it out!
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Cap: IMG_1334.JPG
image IMG_1345.JPG
Cap: IMG_1345.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1348.JPG

Gail with camera.

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Cap: IMG_1358.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1362.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1364.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1368.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1369.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1370.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1371.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1373.JPG
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Cap: IMG_1386.JPG
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Many flags for many graduates. Cousin David is on stage if you look closely. Cornelius's Pan
Corneius snapped this. Stitched by photoshop. Larger version
coa Mon, 06 Jun 2011 06:24:37 +0000