Ponquogue Bridge Panorama

PonQuogue Bridge 2011

panorama PonQuogueBridge2011.jpg
29228×6400 187 MegaPix Ratio: 4.57 89.3 MB 2011.11.28

Shinnecock Inlet 2011

panorama ShinnecockInlet.jpg
22200x2471 52.31 MegaPix Ratio: 8.98 6.022 MB 2011.07.30

PonQuogue Bridge 2007

Photos taken 2007.08.10

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Panorama from Ponquoge Bridge
Full size image PonquoguePan07.jpg
is 24249x819 pixels - 4.6MB

Fun fact. On the far left, you can see our white van in front of two cars. On the far right, you can see the white van again down at the traffic light. Some mistakes: not marking clearly where I was beginning. Not considering autofocus in shots with the poles. Letting honking horns hurry me up when I was standing in a narrow margin. Still this accomplishes what I wanted. If I were to go back and take it when I was not in heavy traffic, you would not see all of the activiy on the water. Shame 'bout no waves, tho.

Draft as of 20070822 24249x819 pixels - 3.6 MB.

Draft as of 20070819 18195x606 pixels.

View From Ponquogue Bridge to the North East
View to the West. Tiana beach on the left, Quiogue water tower straight off in the distance. Larger Image: PonQPanWest.jpg 18x07x1608 pixels, 5.2MB
View From Ponquogue Bridge to the North East
View to the West. Shinnecock Inlet and Ponquogue Beach. Larger Image: PonQPanSouthEast.jpg 9602x1504 pixels, 2.6MB
View From Ponquogue Bridge to the North East
View to the North East. Cormorant Point and the Shinnecock Hills. Larger Image: PonQPanNorthEast.jpg 7233x1312 pixels, 1.7MB

Large Image of Shinnecok Bay ( 1800x1274 1MB )

Bodysurfing at Ponquogue Beach

Draft Images. Panorama

Larger Image: PonquogueBridgePanDraft1.jpg 20273x706 pixels, 6.3MB

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